Neurio Home Intelligence now available for pre-order, 15% off

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It’s always great to see a successfully-funded Kickstarter project make it all the way through to the point of shipping to backers and starting up pre-orders. Such is the case with Neurio, one of the latest bits of technology set to smarten up the home.

Unlike other smarthome devices that provide wireless control and/or automation to lights or appliances, Neurio tackles the ‘big picture’ of overall energy usage. It works by monitoring how much energy is being used, where, and when. All this data gets crunched down and presented to users in a way that makes sense.

Neurio home intelligence appFor those concerned about tricky installation processes, Neurio handles it all without having to add adapters to everything plugged in. And by knowing how much appliances cost per month to run, users can find ways to cut back on energy and save some money.

Information is sent to the connected mobile app in real-time, so you can watch how your home’s power consumption levels change as you start turning things on and off. If you happen to be forgetful about things, the app also sends out little reminders.

I know I’ve been guilty of leaving the oven on, or forgetting about clothes in the washer to put into the dryer. Depending on the heat, humidity, and length of time sitting there, I’ve had to run the wash again to get rid of the weird smell. Money lost.

To find out more about Neurio’s features and how it can work for you, check out the Neurio Home Intelligence website. Save 15% if you pre-order now.


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