Qi wireless charging gets a big boost from Ikea

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Although wireless induction charging for mobile devices has been around for a while, it hasn’t really caught on. At least as fast as proponents for the technology may prefer. The wireless charging pads merely replace the need to plug a cable into a smartphone or tablet, but at the cost of charging at a lower speed.

ikea qi wireless chargingBut what if you had wireless charging pads all around the house. Then you can go about a typical day and never worry about running out of energy. And that’s what Ikea aims to provide with their new line of furniture.

The company announced the other day that consumers will soon have available tables, desks, and lamps with built-in wireless charging pads. The furniture requires connection to a power source, which may feel a little strange when setting up a table or desk. But so long as devices have compatible wireless induction charging capabilities, users can enjoy the convenience of additional power locations in the home.

Of the trio of wireless charging standards, Ikea has chosen to utilize Qi-certified technology. This should provide a very significant boost to widespread use and awareness of the Qi standard.

Ikea’s new furniture collection will be available to purchase in North America and Europe on April 15th. A global rollout is planned to start right after that. So in the meantime, you’ll have to hassle with your cables and pay more attention to app use and battery drain.

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