TechnologyTell Review: Accessory Power Enhance mood light

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A lot of the LED lights that have been hitting the market as of late have been, well, boring. Sure, they replace our soft light or bright white bulbs for greater efficiency – sometimes even with wireless capabilities – but that’s about it. Can’t party with them, really.

But if you want something a bit more exciting and fun that won’t cost you much, read on about this light from Accessory Power!

Design & Performance

If you ever wanted to play pretend fortune-teller with a glowing sphere, the Accessory Power Enhance Mood Light is one easy, inexpensive way to make it happen. Despite how the base looks, it’s actually quite stable. Small bumps into the Enhance mood light merely slides it across the table. You’d have to give it a rather firm push in order to tip it over and wobble it around. So it would probably be a good idea to put this light up higher and out of reach from small children, inebriated adults, or clumsy humans in general.

Accessory power enhance mood light box

Out of the box (boring, yes)

My favorite part of this colorful mood lamp is the frosted glass ball. It could have so easily been plastic, but it’s not. So it actually looks good and feels good. By sight, the globe is pleasingly spherical.

By touch, you might find one or two nigh-imperceptible dimples. And while I’m sure I’ve opened myself up for jokes regarding me and obsessive handling of balls, I can say that this Enhance mood light is made well.

Upon close inspection of the glass ball, there are some sub-surface imperfections, small things like little air bubbles that got stuck in the manufacturing process, It doesn’t affect the LED glow, aside from showing minor little ‘sunspots’. I’ve counted less than a dozen, randomly dispersed, and they range from the size of pen marks to rice kernels. No biggie as far as I’m concerned.

Although a wall adapter is included, I greatly prefer loading in a trio of AAA batteries (not included) so I can place the lamp anywhere. My glowing orb of fun and delight. Oddly, the battery cover is secured with a small (and necessary) screw, but it is possible to leave it off and go commando. Unfortunately, the wall adapter doesn’t charge the batteries when they’re out, so you’ll need a separate battery charger.

Accessory power enhance mood light purple

Nice and purple-y

The included wireless remote is absolutely mandatory. Since the lamp itself has no onboard controls, you’re out of luck if the remote gets misplaced. If there was ever a device to attach a Bluetooth locator tag to, this remote would be it. Operation is simple: on/off., adjust brightness, pick one of 16 solid colors, or choose one of the four color-changing options.

Yeah, the box shows 256 colors, but all the other 240 appear only as colors shift from one to another. While it would have been nice to pick and choose from all the 256 colors, I think the options are fine for something that costs only $40. In fact, this might be my most favorite thing that costs that much. The performance in undeniable.

The light output is even all the way around, which is much cherished by any who prefer symmetry (myself included). Although the Enhance mood light gets bright enough to shine out of direct sunlight, you’ll get better glow the darker it gets. I know, duh, right? But it’s still cool that you can appreciate this light during the day (indoors).


I’ve changed my mind. This Enhance Mood Light is my most favorite thing that costs $40.

Accessory power enhance mood light green

Cameras see things differently – it’s really a smooth green glow.

I’ve been recharging batteries on a daily basis, since I like to have it on in the evening and just leave it like that for the rest of the night. I keep it in the living room, between the bedroom and kitchen, so I can sleepily navigate to the fridge for water in the middle of the night. Colors change nightly. Awesome.

The battery life is indeed good for around 15 hours, which is more than enough for the average nighttime party. It can be a party light, night light for a toddler (heck, adults too), or a mood light for chilling in a hotel soaking tub while watching cartoons on a big screen HDTV. In fact, I use this light to provide ambient light during movies at home over my floor-standing torch lamps.

I like the color options available, and I feel that the quality exceeds the price tag. Aside from the minor imperfections and need for a separate battery charger, there are no other true negatives to speak of.

The only drawback to owning this Enhance mood light is that it doesn’t really belong to me anymore. The kids have claimed it as their own, so now it’s become a lesson in fun and sharing. I’m ready to buy a second one for myself!


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  • racing fan

    Do you know where you can get a replacement remote for this lamp? Both our boys love their lamps but one of them has destroyed the remote. I’d rather not replace the whole lamp for just a remote.