Want wireless anything? Nyrius Smart Outlet makes it happen

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I’ll tell you right now that having wirelessly-controlled LED lights is equally awesome and convenient. Sure, there’s the lazy aspect, where I’d rather push a button than get up out of my cozy bed to turn a light off upstairs. Then there’s the smart part of it, where I can put lights on a timer when I’m on vacation (simulating people being at home), or dim lights as desired.

Since the internet of everything is already heading in that direction, we might as well embrace it, right? But don’t start tossing out your old electronics simply for a wireless upgrade! All you need is a wall adapter that lets you control the energy flow.

Nyrius Smart Outlet appNyrius has put out some pretty fantastic wireless-enabling hardware, and now they’re doing it again. The Nyrius Smart Outlet is exactly what it sounds like. At least if you were thinking of a plug-in wall adapter that communicates with Android or iOS devices.

The Smart Outlet takes up a single socket spot and provides a single outlet for appliances to plug in to. Simple. Connect to a mobile device with the accompanying app, and now you have power control up to a range of over 30 feet. The switch is right in your hands.

Not only will users be able to turn devices on and off with a push of a button, but the app can set the Nyrius Smart Outlet on timers. During hot summers, maybe you want the floor fan to run for 5 hours only instead of all night long. Lost the power remote for your stereo? Get some control back with a Smart Outlet. Wireless LED bulbs are limited to light; a Bluetooth-enabled outlet can toggle on/off whatever you plug into it.

The app can control multiples of the Nyrius Smart Outlet, and each unit can be named to help identify the location or connected electronic. It’s pretty versatile, and the convenience of it all really pops up once you start using it. Check out the Nyrius Smart Outlet Kickstarer campaign page for more info and pledge details.

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