This needs to happen now: Lyric IoT speaker

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I’m a little bummed out that I missed my chance to see this Lyric speaker in action while at SXSW 2015. Ah, if only I had an additional half a day more. I’ll cross my fingers the company will showcase this product at next year’s CES 2016.

Now I’ve seen and listened to my fair share of speakers, but nothing compares to the kind of unique dazzle the Lyric delivers. The Lyric features a transparent screen that is built as part of the speaker body. When paired with the app, which connects to an internet database (I think?), users can delight in moving visuals and printed lyrics as music plays.

It looks like ink floating and zipping around in a two-dimensional space. The app seems to provide some options for text and visuals, but holy cow does it all look awesome. It is true that music consumers miss out on booklet art and printed lyrics when they digitally download albums. But this Lyric speaker takes a step forward toward bringing the sight to go with the whole sound experience.

You can find a bit more information on the Lyric speaker website, but there is no word about pricing or full specs. Yet. In the meantime, just check out the video and prepare for some amazement.

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