Atlona Adds Sound Capabilties to Its AT-HDAiR PC-to-HDTV Wireless Adapter

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Let’s face it: these days a lot of us spend more time watching videos and movies via the PC than traditional broadcast avenues. And it’s safe to say that’s not because we like staring at tiny little laptop screens. But getting content from the computer to the TV is a chore. Who wants to run yet another cable just to catch up on your missed episodes of Desperate Housewives on Hulu? Thankfully, Atlona Technologies‘ HDAiR PC to Computer Monitor/HDTV Wireless Adapter (whew, what a mouthful!) lets you beam video up 30 feet with HD resolution (1400×1050 or 720p) but without the tripping hazard of a cord. The company also just updated the wireless USB-to-HDMI converter (originally released last year) to include audio capabilities, as well, via HDMI or 1/8″ mini stereo. Bonus points!

Other features include:

  • Compatibility with HDTVs, projectors, and computer monitors
  • Support for Extended Desktop mode (which Atlona recommends for video playback)
  • 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • VGA & HDMI connectivity (DVI with additional adapter)
  • 32-bit True Color depth
  • Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatibility

The AT-HDAiR lets you broadcast the same programming to up to four receivers, perfect for your next big presentation or just to show off at your next movie night. Not only did they increase the bang for your buck, but they did it while reducing the price to a MSRP of $169 (from $199). Check out for more details.
Atlona AT-HDAiR

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