Sony Patents New 3DTV Solution to End Family TV Squabbling

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EuroGamer has spotted a new Sony patent that uses 3D TV technology to display different screens for two different viewers looking at the display.

It’s thought that this is initially intended for use on the PS3, to allow two players to each have his or her own view of the action on one television, with individual soundtracks supplied by earbuds built into the 3D glasses. It isn’t hard to imagine this being put to practice in other ways, though: now Junior can play Call of Duty while Mom and Dad watch NCIS, all on the same TV, and at the very least the family is all together in the same room.

So how does this miracle squabble-solver work? 3D usually works by displaying different images for the left and right eye, and using shutters to ensure that each eye can only see the TV when the correct field of view is being displayed. Sony’s new patent, Instead of displaying two different eye views, displays two different pictures entirely, and uses the shutter glasses to isolate one show from the other instead of one eye. In other words, while viewing 3D, all of the glasses in the room would have their left eye occluded while the right eye is getting an image from the screen, and vice versa. But Sony’s new trick works by making sure that one viewer’s vision is occluded entirely while the other viewer get a split-second peek at the screen, and vice versa.

Will this bring families out of seperate rooms and back together into the living room? Maybe not, but it’s certaiinly a viable solution for people in small apartments, or who for whatever reason only have one set in the house. Bravo to Sony for some innovative thinking, and who knows? Maybe it’ll help push those skeptics in Japan over the edge.

Sony Patent Application
[Via EuroGamer]

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