Audyssey Room Correction Technology Gets an Upgrade

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Audyssey MultEQ

Audyssey, makers of the MultEQ room correction technology that’s probably built into the receiver in your media room, has introduced an upgrade in the form of MultEQ XT. Like its forebear, MultEQ XT automatically equalizes sound and improves audio quality by correcting for one of the most critical problems in sound reproduction: the negative effects of room acoustics.

MultEQ XT improves on previous Audyssey technology, though, with eight times the filter resolution and a total of eight measurement points (up to 32 with MultEQ Pro). Despite the sophisticated new algorithms involved, though, running MultEQ XT still only requires three easy steps: hook up the mike, move up to eight positions, and wait for MultEQ XT to calibrate the sound for your room.

It takes about eight minutes, start to finish, to achieve the best results, and Audyssey promises that its mathematical process delivers clear results every time, with none of the ringing or smearing that is typical in other built-in EQ applications. MultEQ XT also works well at the simple system calibration issues, like polarity, acoustical distance, and proper level trims.

You can find the new MultEQ XT technology built in to hundreds of models from leading manufacturers, including everything from Marantz’s upcoming SR7005 AV Receiver to the Volvo S60.

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