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My friend and colleague Steve Guttenberg (no, not that Steve Guttenberg) tackles yet another contentious topic in his latest post at The Audiophiliac blog at CNET:

I get this question all the time, “Do I need to spend a lot of money on wire?” The short answer is no.

I can’t wait for the contrarian commenters to start dog-piling on this one alongside all the attaboys, because the naysayers that Steve attracts are always as entertaining as the constructive responses he receives are enlightening.

His point is spot-on, though:

It’s like asking if you need to drop $50 or $100 to buy a good bottle of wine. No, unless you’re a wine connoisseur; most folks are perfectly happy with a nice $10 variety.

Steve also gives some great publicity to one of my favorite online retailers (and favorite dirty little secrets): MonoPrice. The speaker cables in my media room may all be Straight Wire Encore II (ditto the interconnects between my processor and amp). But with the exception of one great, flexible Kordz cable running up a tight cranny to the back of my wall-mounted display, all of the HDMI cables in both of my home’s reference surround sound setups cost me less than ten bucks apiece at MonoPrice. And all of them work like a charm. And you can bet that when I eventually upgrade my system to HDMI with Ethernet, their cables will be the first ones I test in my system.

Of course, HDMI isn’t the point of Steve’s post. He’s talking about good old fashioned analog speaker cables and interconnects. For more insight, read the entire post, “Who needs expensive audio cables?” And while you’re there, be sure to add The Audiophiliac to your RSS feed if it isn’t there already.

[Via The Audiophiliac]

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