Meridian Introduces New Products for Sooloos

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Meridian has announced the pending release of two key additions to the Sooloos Series digital music system: the Control 15, a stand alone system that integrates storage, playback, and control; and the Meridian Media Source 600, an audio endpoint for a single Meridian Sooloos zone that is designed for easy integration into a host of high-quality digital and analog audio setups.

Meridian Control 15

The Meridian Control 15 combines the best of the Sooloos system into a standalone unit. With its 17-inch touch screen, 500GB of storage, and internal speakers, this beauty is everything you need to enjoy an amazing (and amazingly simple) digital music experience right out of the box. Combine the storage and playback capabilities with any of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers to form a full high-performance digital music system. The Control 15 also allows for easy digital output directly to any existing home entertainment system. The touch screen’s instant responsiveness allows access to approximately 1000 uncompressed CDs (uploaded from an on board compact disc drive) from your music collection instantly at your fingertips. Meridian Sooloos Search and Focus features allow you to zoom in on just what you’re in the mood for. When paired with internet radio choices or streamed music from Rhapsody, your music library is limitless.

Meridian also allows your to access your Control 15 and export directly to portable music players and computers online. Seamless integration with your iTunes account and even iPad and iPhone apps make your music collection more portable than ever. And at $7500.00 MSRP, this is the most economical complete Sooloos solution yet.

Meridian Media Source 600

The Meridian Media Source 600 in a single-zone source that expands your Sooloos Digital Media System designed to bring the power and simplicity of Sooloos to existing high-fidelity audio systems. Or you can create a new hi-fi setup by simply connecting any of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers to the digital connections on the back of the unit. The Media Source 600 provides wireless accesses your Sooloos digital library, and can be accessed via any controller on the Sooloos network or from the free iPad or iPhone apps. What’s more, the Media Source 600 is as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears: it’s a beautiful, hand-crafted combination of glass and bead-blasted, naturally anodized silver aluminum. It’s impossible to see even a single screw from any finished surface, lending a tasteful and elegant touch. MSRP: $3,500.

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