Runco Adds New 3D-Ready Projectors to Signature Cinema Series Line

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If Runco’s quarter-million-dollar SC-1 projector is a bit rich for your blood (and hey, if it’s not, I’m up for adoption), but you’re still in the market for an ultra-high-end, custom-built Signature Cinema Series projector, you’ll be happy to hear that the company introduced two new and slightly more affordable models to the flagship line today: the SC-50d and SC-60d.

In addition to dual-UHP-lamp design and Runco’s CineWide with AutoScope technology for true 2.35:1 exhibition on ultra-wide screens, both three-chip 1080p projectors are fully 3D-capable, with support for active, shutter-based 3D as well the sort of passive polarized we’re used to seeing in cinemas, with additional 3D functionality in the pipeline.

The SC-50d and SC-60d are also the first models to include Runco’s Smart Lens system, which consists of a motorized lens and iris with memory functions for use with screens with both horizontal and vertical masking.

Both projectors also come with Runco’s PremierCare service program, which provides on-site calibration and two years of support. Look for both models to be available from certified Runco dealers this fall. The SC-50d, which is recommended for screens from 100 to 132 inches wide (with a maximum with of 264 inches) will retail for $88,995. The SC-60d, recommended for screens from 120 to 198 inches wide (with a maximum width of 420 inches) will retail for $98,995.

For detailed specs and updates, visit Runco‘s website.
Runco SC-50d Signature Cinema Series projector

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