Runco Announces FinishPalette Option for LightStyle Projectors

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Runco recently announced exclusive new customization options for its LightStyle Series Projectors in the form of FinishPalette, expanding on the company’s existing FrameGallery and ColourPalette “Design by Runco” custom paint and print options.

FinishPalette allows customers to personalize their projectors with company logos or designs (including “Asian-inspired designs … French-country shabby chic, whimsical floral patterns and inspired architectural motifs”), works of art, and—for sports fans—logos and colors for any college sports team and team colors any pro football, hockey, baseball, soccer, or basketball organization. 25 Runco Signature Colors are also available, including a handful of snazzy metallic finishes. FinishPalette is available exclusively through home theater retailers and authorized Runco dealer networks.

FinishPalette joins the existing “Runco by Design” initiatives, including ColourPalette, which offers up to 25 hand-finished colors, with single and duo-color combination available, and color matching for any option offered by Sherwin-Williams (note: ColourPalette isn’t available for the LightStyle Series LS-3, LS-5, or LS-7 models); and FrameGallery, which consists of seven handcrafted custom frames for each of Runco’s CrystalSeries CX LCD displays, turning a utilitarian screen into a work of art. Customers can also choose to add a SilverSheen surface that turns the display into a mirror when not in use. (SilverSheen is currently only available for the Runco CX-42HD, CX-47HD, CX-55HD, and CX-65HD.)

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