Audio Authority Introduces HXE-11 HDMI Over One Coax Distribution System

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Audio Authority HXE-11 HDMI Over One Coax Distribution SystemIf you can’t wait for that shiny new HDBaseT standard to come along, and you’re suffering dropouts from a too-long HDMI run, help is on the way. Audio Authority’s HXE-11 will convert your HDMI signal to coax and promises to deliver a 1080p signal up to 200 feet without degradation. Supporting all the usual suspects like Deep Color and 7.1channels of lossless audio (but not 3D), the devices can be chained to go pretty much as long as you need them to.

At $600 SRP, the transmitter/receiver pair is obviously geared toward the professional market, where converting analog video formats to Cat5 Ethernet has been standard practice for years, or the retail market where the same image has to be shown on all televisions (and a lot of them are still using SD feeds in their stores!). Lack of quality distribution in the retail sector has been a big detriment to people making informed and objective choices when purchasing televisions, and giving stores the the ability to do long and daisy chained runs will certainly benefit everyone.

Or, you know, maybe you just need to feed every flat-panel display in your home with the same A/V signal for your next big shindig.

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Audio Authority HXE-11 wiring diagram

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