MartinLogan Motion Series Speaker Review

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What’s the first thing you think of at the mention of MartinLogan? Probably large, graceful, power-hungry, delicious-sounding hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers with hefty price tags, right?

MartinLogan Folded Motion TweeterWith the company’s new Motion Series speaker line, nearly all of those adjectives fly right out the window. With the exception of the Motion 12 floor-standing tower, they’re positively Lilliputian. (At least in comparison with the sound they pump out.) They’re hardly power hungry; in fact, your average modest receiver almost certainly provides them with plenty of juice. And they’re not hybrid electrostats. Instead, they rely on exotic little Folded Motion tweeters (in concert with paper or woofers) to cast their aural spell. So whence the family resemblance? Well, there’s no denying that they’re graceful. And delicious-sounding doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Oh, and they’re cheap. Like, really cheap. Like, starting at $199.95 apiece at the low end of the line.

And even at the high end of the line, though, their performance far outweighs their price. For the full scoop, check out my new review of the Motion 12, Motion 8, and Motion 4 at Home Entertainment‘s website. (And if even those are a bit rich for your blood, you can hope in the WayBack Machine and read the review of the Motion 2 and Motion 6 I did for Big Picture Big Sound earlier this year.)

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