Toshiba Shipping Glasses-Free 3D TV by Year’s End?

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There’s a lot of speculation that 3D TV will never really take off until we can ditch the glasses and everyone can still enjoy the same experience from all parts of the living room. And maybe such speculation is right. That may be sooner than we think, though.

Rumor has it that Toshiba will be shipping some small (under 25″) multi-parallax televisions by the end of the year. Using the same kind of technology found in the Nintendo 3DS, Toshiba claims that this tech is much easier on the eyes than polarized or LCD shutter glasses systems. In addition to being small, the initial panels are reportedly only capable of approximately 720p resolution instead of full 1080p. That isn’t the biggest stumbling block, though: a multi-thousand dollar price tag puts these TVs up in the same range as the OLED sets from Sony, and something tells me that until they can get sets out above 50″, the market willing to pay $100 an inch isn’t going to be a big one.

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3D Without the Glasses?

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