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Once the excitement of streaming Hulu to their TV finally subsides, a lot of people and sitting back and asking, That’s it?

A study by research firm One Touch Intelligence shows that the $10 upgrade for Hulu Plus is only adding up to 14% more content and the right to send it to your iPhone or PS3 right now.

Granted, the company is still signing contracts with content suppliers, but the heart and soul of Hulu that differentiates it from Netflix is its TV content. In order to justify their subscription fee, and the sillyness of charging you for the privilege of watching away from your computer, there needs to be significant benefit here, even on the existing shows on the service. Why is every episode of 24 and Castle not available, while I’m awash in Family Guy and Law and Order? Certainly shows the Turner family isn’t airing in reruns 47 times a day have more value to drawing dollars than that, and the fact that only two of the five seasons of Quantum Leap are online when Netflix has all five just puzzles me to no end.

Hulu, I love your site, I love the quirky documentaries and random ’80s flicks and shows I’d forgotten, and I don’t want you to ever change that. But at the same time if you’re asking more money than Netflix, you need to at least have the same catalog titles that your member companies like Fox and Disney own on your service too, along with a healthy serving of exclusive catalog shows and recent and evergreen theatrical movies. Most people aren’t more than five weeks behind on their TV, and I have a feeling that access to the entire current season through Blu-ray streaming is going to be a very popular feature that may be expanded to the full monty if successful. I realize that I’m abnormal having 300 seasons of television in my collection, and the back catalog of shows like Prison Break and My Name is Earl are a great way for an instant library, but if Hulu doesn’t find the breadth that Netflix streaming currently enjoys and fast, it may be left in the dust before the race can even begin.

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