Vizio 72″ 3D TV Off the Radar?

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There’s been some befuddlement going around internet forums as of late from people looking forward to Vizio‘s 72-inch 3D LCD flat panel, wondering where the set they’ve been waiting so patiently to buy could be. The answer, it turns out, is: in developmental purgatory. Rumor has it that the 3D effect wasn’t quite meshing to deliver the quality consumers expect, and they were having trouble sourcing LCD panels of that size. Also missing in action is the company’s 21:9 XVTPRO580CD ultra-widescreen television designed to show 2.35:1 movies without letterboxing.

Given the economy we’re in, perhaps a $3500 Vizio 72-inch display doesn’t really makes sense anyway. The people who are looking to drop that kind of dough aren’t typically looking for a budget-priced TV; they want a more prestigious name brand and the kind of premium engineering that goes behind it. When for about a hundred bucks more you can get one of the industry’s most highly lauded 3D displays, Panasonic‘s 65″ plasma, and enjoy full 1080p resolution to each eye, instead of Vizio’s 540p, I have to wonder if retailers figure that they wouldn’t be get their money’s worth out of the acreage that gargantuan set would have taken up.


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