Samsung Says Glasses-Free 3D TV Not Ready for Prime Time

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3D glasses: here to stay?I don’t care much for 3D. Sue me. The prospect of wearing a big old honking pair of glasses while watching the tube just doesn’t hold much appeal. Samsung and other television manufacturers must know there are others out there like me, and are looking into the possibility of allowing glasses-free TVs based on the same sort of autostereoscopic technology found in Nintendo’s 3DS. According to PC World, though, this sort of glasses-free technology might not become reality in larger displays for quite some time.

Home Tech Tell’s Jeff Kleist reported that Toshiba is also at work on a glasses-free 3D television that could be available as early as the end of this year. The trouble, according to Samsung (according to PC World), is that glasses-free 3D must be shown at a low resolution that most viewers would find unacceptable. Add to this the need for the viewer to sit absolutely still, lest the image become distorted, and glasses-free 3D still needs more time in the incubator before it is ready for the masses. In the meantime, Samsung seems committed to 3D for the long haul, however, and would also like to start streaming 3D movies over the Internet to television sets. The company will take the first step in this area by streaming 3D movie trailers in the near future.

Effective, compelling glasses-free 3D may not be right around the corner, but there are some exciting developments in the works as we wait to ditch those glasses for good.

Via [PC World]

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