URC Previews Total Control Product Line

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URC MS-1200Gearing up for the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta in a couple of weeks, Universal Remote Control today gave a sneak peek an array of new remotes, control processors, multiroom audio gear, and under the heading of the Total Control Product Line.

At the center of the line is the MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller, a rack-mountable control center capable of storing and issuing all of the IP, IR, RS-232, Relay- and Sensor-controlled macros and commands devices you’d need for a whole houseful of entertainment and automation. The MRX-10 features eight IR ports, four RS-232 ports, four Sensor ports, two Relay ports, and two 12-volt outputs, and is compatible with URC’s MRX-1 Network Base Station and RFTX-1 RF transmitter.

The company has also announced two new remote controls as a part of the line: MS-780 and MS-1200. The former is a battery-powered wand with a color OLED screen and hard-button layout that’s designed for both two-way wireless communication with the MRX-10 and line-of-sight IR control.

If the MS-1200 looks familiar, that’s because it shares a lot of aesthetic similarities with URC’s (much more expensive) MX-5000, just without the haptic touchscreen feedback. It does sport a large color touchscreen (great for displaying album artwork), lithium ion battery and charger base, and all of the two-way wireless and IR control capabilities of the MS-780.

What’s more, both remotes are fully network connected and can be programmed from a remote location.

URC DMS-1200

Add to that the DMS-1200 Digital Multi-zone Amplifier and DMS-100 Single-zone (“add-a-room”) Amp, which can be linked together for up to 32 zones of amplification, and the SNP-1 Streaming Network Player, which delivers 44kHz digital output to the DMS-1200 and DMS-100 amplifiers (or analog audio to third-party amps), and you’ve got yourself a complete URC house party in the making. The SNP-1 is designed to stream music and photos from other PCs, Macs, and network storage devices in the home network, as well as satellite radio and internet radio, as well.

URC KP-100Completing the package is the KP-100 Total Control Network Keypad—an in-wall, 2-way, Power over Ethernet (PoE) keypad designed for single-gang boxes and Decora cover plates, with seven programmable backlit hard buttons, perfect for lighting control and basic music control in rooms and hallways where you don’t need a full-blown KP-4000 or KP-900—and three URC-branded IP cameras designed for wired or wireless installation and featuring two-way audio communication and web browser accessibility, as well as compatibility with all of URC’s Total Control remotes, keypads, and touch screens.

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