Pioneer Releases New Speaker Line

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Pioneer SP-BS21Pioneer has released a new line of home theater speakers, available at entry-level price points. The series includes bookshelf, floorstanding, and center channel models, as well as a 100-watt powered subwoofer, suitable for a two-channel music setup or a 7.1-channel home theater configuration. These new speakers have been designed from the ground up with an eye on both sound quality and aesthetics.

The line features frequency-bonded, curved cabinets and metal flush-mounted grills for each driver. The speakers use a multi-component crossover for improved sound re-creation, a feature not often seen in models at similar price points.

Pioneer’s Home Theater and Music Speaker Line includes the follow models:
SP-BS21-LR: Bookshelf Loudspeakers ($89.00 MSRP)

SP-BS41-LR: Bookshelf Loudspeakers ($199.99 MSRP)

SP-FS51-LR: Floorstanding Loudspeakers ($199.99 MSRP)

SP-C21 – Center Channel Speaker ($79.99 MSRP)

SW-8: Powered Subwoofer ($149.99 MSRP)

For more information, visit Pioneer’s website or head to your local electronics store armed with your smartphone. Pioneer is packaging this new line with Quick Response Codes. Simply scan the code on the product’s packaging with your smartphone and you’ll be able to learn more about this series in a video from Pioneer’s chief speaker engineer, Andrew Jones.

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