Projectiondesign Debuting Hand-Built, 3D, and Remote Light Source Projectors at CEDIA

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projectiondesign avielo helios studio edition projector
projectiondesign announced today a number of new projectors set to make their debut at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Atlanta. First up is a new hand-crafted edition of its avielo helios projector, dubbed the helios studio edition, which features a 3-chip DLP design. Built on the same technology used in projectiondesign’s acclaimed professional projectors, the helios studio edition promises to be one of the few residential projectors to meet or exceed both REC 709 and DCI color standards. No price is available yet, but this one definitely won’t be for the faint of heart: each projector will be hand-built and personally inspected in Norway to ensure the utmost in performance and build quality, to the point that even the dual lamps in each chassis are matched by hand and eye to ensure consistency and uniformity.

The company is also showing the avielo optix SuperWide 235, which—as its name implies—is a native 2.35:1 aspect ratio projector. Unlike previous home cinema projectors with 2.35:1 capabilities, which rely on anamorphic lenses to generate their ultra-widescreen image, the SuperWide 235 utilizes sophisticated internal processing to scale the 1920 x 800 image from a Blu-ray disc with 2.35:1 aspect ration up to 2538 x 1080 and employs a lens specifically designed for this resolution, ensuring no loss in brightness or image quality in the process. No information is given about how the projector will handle 1.85:1 or 1.78:1 video material, but that’ll be the first question I ask when I visit the projectiondesign at the show.

Also due to debut at the show are projectiondesign’s avielo optix 3D—a 3D projector based on the avielo optix Full HD model. Details are scant so far, but it does sport HDMI 1.4 and is compatible with Blu-ray 3D.

projectiondesign RLS Remote Light Source projectorPerhaps most exciting, though, is the avielo radiance RLS, a Remote Light Source projector that relocates lamps, thermal management, and maintenance away in a separate rack mountable unit that can be located up to 100 feet away from the projector head. Light is carried from the light source to the projection head via what projectiondesign is calling a Liquid Light Guide (LLG), a thick, flexible cable filled with a water-based liquid that all sounds a bit like fiber optic on steroids. A lot of steroids.

Contact info:
+47 69 30 45 50 (That’s in Norway, folks)

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