CEDIA 2010: Paradigm Reinvents the Subwoofer (Yet Again) with the MilleniaSub

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Paradigm MilleniaSub

The 2010 CEDIA Expo here in Atlanta hasn’t even officially kicked off yet, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen the coolest product of the show. Paradigm, never one to shy away from unconventional subwoofer design (Exhibit A: the Seismic 110), isn’t just stepping out of the box with the MilleniaSub; it’s remodeling the box completely.

Chances are, like me you looked at the image above and thought at first glance, Nice-looking wireless transmitter; where’s the sub, though? Look again: that is the MilleniaSub. Situated at opposite ends of that sleek, capsular cabinet, dual 4″x14″ drivers, similar in design to that of Paradigm’s RVC-12SQ in-wall sub, promise to deliver oodles (up to 900 watts’ worth) of resonance-free oomph, especially when combined with the company’s Perfect Bass Kit (sold separately).

The MilleniaSub is also compatible with Paradigm’s new PT-2 wireless transmitter (also sold separately). It should hit store shelves in early November for $1399.

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