CEDIA 2010: SpeakerCraft Brings Performance to the Ipod/iPad Dock with FloBox

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For a while there it seemed like the boombox was dead and buried. Instead of running CDs and tapes from the tabletop, people ran them from their laptop, or their MP3 player, but in the last year or so the high end has been trying to fill the void for the office or sitting room sound system with great gusto. SpeakerCraft‘s FloBox, announced at a press conference yesterday at CEDIA to oohs and ahs from the crowd, sports dual 3.5 inch midranges and a pair of 3/4-inch tweeters backed by a 5-1/2″ subwoofer, and its acoustical profile goes for a non-directional approach, dedicated to covering the room in as many directions as possible with a solid sound. It includes integrated iPod (and a first I’ve seen, iPad) docks. A mini USB connector can connect the FloBox to iTunes, and if you spring for the higher end version, a CD player is included to help further remind you what music is supposed to sound like. Available in a full panoply of colors, the FloBox adds a bold aesthetic statement to any room, with a sharp look and sound to match.


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