CEDIA 2010: Runco Unveils Passive 3D Projector System For the Home

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Runco has gone all out to bring the ultimate movie experience to the highest end of the home theater consumer. Using a passive polarized system, exactly the same as what you’d experience in commercial cinemas, the Runco 3Dimensions Series D-73d is built on an LED lamp system for quieter and cooler operation. It also comes with the latest version of Runco’s DHD video processor, which is going to be of especial interest to fans of constant-height video systems, because the CineWide software has been tweaked to help remove any pincushioning that can be introduced by scaling the video for playback on 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens. With full external control over HDMI CEC, IR, or serial connections, a new web interface has also been introduced allowing any computer or smartphone to run your show (sorry, there’s not an app for that… yet, anyway). It also boasts four HDMI inputs and one output (for monitoring in professional installations). In addition to offering standard 3D glasses (six pairs included), Runco is also offering a new program to provide prescription 3D glasses, as well as fancier metal-framed upgrades (which, by the way, will work at the local multiplex, too).

At an SRP of $49,995, the D-73d certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but the demo this afternoon at CEDIA was, without question, one of the most cinematic home 3D experiences of the show — completely free of the headache inducing jumpiness that plagues active, shutter-glasses-based 3D projectors and TVs, and with full constant 1080p HD to each eye and tons of brightness to spare. Editor-in-chief Dennis Burger sat through the demo of Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia, some broadcast sports clips, and Avatar — the latter in true 2.35:1 — and reports from the show floor that it “didn’t suck, not even a little bit,” which, given his general disdain for all things 3D, is a resounding endorsement.


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  • shady rozik

    dear ,
    i wanna buy that 3d passive projector so i wanna know the following things
    1 how dose it work like can it work with a laptop or a normal pc ?
    2 how long dose it needs for the delivery to USA for example?
    3 and i need like 1000 plastic glasses do u have a offer for me?
    4 the most impotent thing how much dose it cost ?
    best wish