CEDIA 2010: SpeakerCraft Bows “BoomTomb” Outdoor Subwoofer

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SpeakerCraft BoomTombSpeakerCraft will expand its lineup of outdoor speakers in the fourth quarter of 2010 with the BoomTomb subwoofer. The BoomTomb — high in the running for best product name ever — is so named because most of the unit is actually buried underground. In fact, a small, hooded port is the only component that will be exposed to the elements. This subwoofer, constructed in a poly/resin enclosure, comprises a 10-inch long throw woofer mounted to a support at the center of the internal space. Sound is emitted through a vent at the top of the enclosure.

The BoomTomb is meant to complement SpeakerCraft’s Outdoor Elements, Ruckus, and OG outdoor speaker lines. The woofer is powered by a 250-watt amplifier that should be placed with other source components and attached via standard speaker cable. A retail price for the BoomTomb has not been announced.

For more information visit SpeakerCraft or call 800.448.0976.

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