CEDIA 2010: First Impressions of the Paradigm MilleniaOne Satellite

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Paradigm MilleniaOne and MilleniaSub in Black

I finally had a chance to drop by the Paradigm booth on the CEDIA show floor and check out not only the Paradigm MilleniaSub in person, but also the company’s new MilleniaOne satellite speaker, as well (both of which are pictured in the images above and below, in both black and white finishes).

Although the noisy show floor probably wasn’t the best place to truly gauge sound quality, I was a little blown away by the system. Featuring the same elegant, capsular aesthetic as the MilleniaSub (but in a much daintier package), each MilleniaOne features a Satin-Andized Pure-Aluminum (S-PAL) dome tweeter, along with a four-and-a-half inch aluminum cone bass/mid driver, which may not seem like much, but these puppies pack quite a bite. With bass extension extending down to a surprising 76 Hz, they suffer from none of the mid-bass anemia and main speaker/subwoofer disconnect that plague so many satellites. And although I didn’t get to audition them with any film clips, they sounded sumptuous with music.

Look for the MelleniaOne to hit the market at about $250 in early October 2010, either as part of a stereo set or a five-speaker system.

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