Lutron’s New Dimmer Technology is CFL and LED-Compatible

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Lutron Diva and CredenzaPerhaps one of the most gratifying things about about home theater automation is the moment you press that one button that brings the lights down and pulls the curtains open, and you really feel like you’ve bought that cinema from your childhood. While the new CCFL and LED bulbs are energy efficient and provide maximum illumination for 25% or less of the juice, they lack the ease and design compatibility with dimmers that incandescents had. Traditional bulbs burn a fine filament at the center of the bulb. The more electricity applied, the hotter the burn and the greater the light. CCFL and LEDs, on the other hand, rely on comparably complex electronics to simulate the same kind of reaction, and it’s only recently that bulbs compatible with dimming have even come on the market. Without the fine electronic control that these panels offer, many lights will bottom out and turn off prematurely or exhibit other odd behaviors. Thankfully, Lutron has a solution. It’s Diva/C·L ($39.99) dimmer is a traditional wall mounted switch with a slider, and the Credenza/C·L($15) is an add-on dongle that resides between any lamp and the wall. And both offer the same smooth dimming with CCFLs and LEDs that you’ve come to expect with good old fashioned incandescents.

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