Swann Security Debuts “Home Series” Alarm Range

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Swann Window AlarmChances are, you’ve followed a few of our suggestions here at HomeTechTell and filled your home with the latest and greatest gadgets. If you just took the plastic off that nice Wisdom Audio subwoofer, for example, you might be thinking how in the heck do I protect this hefty investment? Luckily, Swann Security has an affordable line of products to safeguard your home and all of its goodies.

Swann’s new Home Series consists of two window alarms, a PIR motion alarm, a magnetic keypad alarm, an anti-flood alarm, a ceiling alarm, and a wireless doormat chime.

The Window Alarm, which retails for $9.99, detects the vibration of a window during a forced entry and features a 110db siren. The alarm comes with a self-adhesive pad that requires no tools for installation and runs off of four LR44 alkaline batteries.

The Magnetic Window Alarm, also available for $9.99, provides discreet protection for windows and doors.

Swann’s PIR Motion Alarm is passcode protected and emits a 110db siren when any activity is detected by the sensor. The unit provides 120-degree detection with a multi-directional mounting bracket. The PIR Motion Alarm, which retails for $24.99, includes entry and exit delays, as well as low battery detection.

The Magnetic Keypad Door Alarm is passcode protected for authorized entry. The unit runs off of two AA batteries and emits a 110db siren when motion is detected. The Magnetic Keypad Door Alarm is $19.99.

The Anti-Flood Alarm monitors laundry rooms and hot water heaters for leaks. The omni-directional sensor provides quick and accurate water detection. The unit runs off of two AAA batteries and retails for $12.99.

The Ceiling Alarm ($29.99) is a combination smoke detector and motion sensor that can be switched on and off via remote control. The unit is wireless and can monitor a 360 degree area up to nine feet. Like its motion-detecting counterparts in the Swann line, the Ceiling Alarm includes a delay feature for entry and exit.

The Wireless Doormat Chime can be positioned under a mat or carpet with its chime up to 100 feet away. The unit is customizable with three chimes and adjustable settings. The pack, which retails for $29.99, also includes a doorbell unit.

For more information about the Home Series visit Swann or call 305.576.1171

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