Fox Drops Details about the “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” of Avatar

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On November 16th, Fox is bringing its promised double dip of James Cameron’s Avatar to store shelves. Sporting three discs packed with Blu-ray exclusives, the Extended Special Edition is everything you always wanted to know about Avatar but were afraid to ask. Chief among the extras is Capturing Avatar, a feature-length chronicle of the film’s 16-year journey to the screen, even including materials from when the project was turning toward becoming a video game. In addition to the 16 minutes of new footage in the the extended version (which also includes an alternate opening), the set also includes 45 minutes of deleted scenes. Supplements exclusive to the Blu-ray include a breakdown of the film making process entitled Pandora’s Box, an interactive scene deconstruction from three different perspectives, and 17 shorts, each covering a specific aspect of the movie, from the 3D cameras to the performance capture and the score. Interactive text-based bonus materials include the unabridged script, the original treatment, and the Pandorapedia guide to everything in the world of Avatar. The 3D version will not be included in this release, being exclusive to Panasonic 3D products for the foreseeable future.. What is included instead is a brand new “family audio track” that removes all the naughty words (but of course none of the violence) that parents don’t want their kids hearing. No luck for those of you offended by lithe blue tushes, though.

While this set may be the ultimate in terms of bonus content, everyone knows that a non-exclusive 3D re-release will come sooner or later, so those for whom bonus material is not the be-all end-all, consider yourself forewarned for 2014 at the latest.

Avatar: Ultimate Collector's Edition

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