NPD: Consumers Playing “Wait and See” on 3D TV

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DisplaySearch 3D TV Shipment Forecast

While 3D TV is all the rage in the consumer electronics world at the moment, the small selection of actual content, combined with significant price premiums, is keeping consumer wallets in their pockets according to a new report from DisplaySearch’s Quarterly TV Design and Features Report

“North American consumers in particular appear to be playing a waiting game,” noted Paul Gagnon, Director of North America TV Research. “Set makers have trained consumers to expect rapid price falls for new technology, and consumers seem happy to wait a little.” As a result, DisplaySearch forecasts that 3D shipments in North America will be just under 1.6 million this year.

They go on to report than 3D glasses are not selling 1:1 with televisions, and while many of them include a pair or two with the TV gratis, plonking down well over $100 apiece is not encouraging people to make the investment right away. According to sources at major manufacturers I’ve talked to, the price of glasses is expected to drop rather quickly once sales pick up. The same goes for the TVs. Prices will drop quickly as manufacturers smooth out their production processes and start integrating 3D into televisions across the price spectrum, and by the time that there’s a good installed base, the content will be there to support it.

The question is: will the average consumer care? The report seems a bit optimistic, especially given the lack of interest in — or outright hostility toward — 3D that we’re seeing on the ground.

To wit (offensive language alert):

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