U-verse Available on XBox 360

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Xbox 360 U-VerseThis Week In Consumer Electronics (TWICE) is reporting that subscribers to AT&T’s U-verse service will now be able to use their XBox 360 console as an additional set-top box. With an XBox 360 and the U-verse services, users will be able to send and receive game invitations and chats through XBox Live while watching TV. Users can also switch between a game and a television program seamlessly without switching video inputs.

An XBox 360 will provide the same features as a U-verse receiver, including live TV, DVR, interactive apps, a program guide, and an on-demand library. U-verse on the 360 eliminates the need for a separate set-top box and saves users the monthly U-verse rental fee. The U-verse XBox kit is available for $99.00.

For more information visit AT&T or call (800) ATT-2020.


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