Hulu Plus Down By Half?

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Hulu Plus Half OffHulu Plus has been in beta testing now since late spring, and rumor has it that customers are still nonplussed. So much so that according to All Things Digital, they’re considering cutting the subscription price in half. It’s unsurprising that with Netflix running $1 less, with a vastly greater and diverse selection, and Hulu itself offers so much free content, that people aren’t ponying up all that cash for so little content.

Combine this with the fact that very few external devices support Hulu right now and there you have it. The $5 price move is actually a smart one, at that rate people will start looking at it more as a supplement to Netflix instead of a redundancy, and their next move will have to be to get the desirable premium cable shows onto the service, because then they can start chasing the business travel crowd that Slingbox courts, the kind of people who drop $30 on an app that would be free on their laptop without thinking much about it. The next 12 months are going to make or break Hulu as a paid service, and if they can’t make sure they’re sitting alongside Amazon and Netflix on next year’s Blu-ray players and media boxes, then it might be time to start getting worried.

Via [All Things Digital]

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