Warner’s DVD2Blu Accepting Any DVD For Any Blu For A Limited Time

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Got a bunch of DVDs lying around you no longer want? WB is willing to take them off your hands, and for $4.95 (and up) each turn them into Blu gold. Any and all commercial pressed DVDs are accepted (no porn) instead of their usual title for title deal. The offer includes classics like The Searchers or An American in Paris for a fiver, and TV titles like Smallville, Fringe, and Chuck for $15-20 apiece. Spend $35 or more, and your whole order ships free. Originally started as a “Red To Blu” program so that grieving HD DVD fans could trade in their now-obsolete discs, it was quickly extended so that those who hadn’t dipped their toes into HD media at all could quickly and affordably build up a library. So box up those moldering Chris Tucker movies and turn them into something more useful than a doorstop, while supplies last!

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