Aperion’s Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System Doubles as Hi-Fi Computer Music System

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Aperion Zona Wireless Surround SpeakersWires. You hate ’em. I hate ’em. We all hate ’em. (Well, except for the people who make them.)

While the wireless subwoofer market is booming (*giggle*) at the moment, good wireless speakers are still few and far between. Aperion is rectifying that situation a bit with its Zona Wireless Surround System. The system relies on a compact wireless transmitter and two powered bookshelf speakers (okay, so you’ll still need power cables and a mains outlet nearby) to deliver uncompressed 48 kHz/16-bit CD-quality audio up to 150 feet away. The company promises simple, no-fuss setup, great fidelity, and a rock-solid connection.

What’s more, since the transmitter includes a USB port, the system handily doubles as a complete wireless music system for your computer. Snazzy.

Specs and features from the manufacturer:

• Wireless receiver built-in to each speaker
• Uncompressed 16 bit/48 kHz, CD quality audio
• 2- Two-way powered speakers with tuned port for enhanced bass
• Wireless range up to 150 feet; up to 300 feet line of sight
• Automatic system linking, three selectable channels
• USB 2.0 Plug and Play Interface
• External power supply per speaker
• Connect multiple Zona speakers to a single Zona transmitter
• 2 x 20W digital Class D Amplifier with DSP per speaker
• 2-way design in solid MDF cabinet with tuned port
• 1” soft dome silk tweeter
• 4.5” woven fiberglass woofer
• Frequency range: 55 Hz to 20 kHz
• 18ms Latency
• 2.4 GHz wireless band
• Dimensions: 9.9” H x 6” W x 6.3” D
Price: $499
Contact info:
Aperion Audio

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