Shocking Myths About Electrostatic Speakers

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I make no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of electrostatic loudspeakers. Yes, they’re weird looking, with their thin translucent panels and funky shapes. But given that they work unlike any other form of loudspeaker, they sound unlike any other form of loudspeaker.

Electrostatics aren’t without their detractors, though, and by nature of the fact that they’re so different, they’re subject to any number of myths and misconceptions (mythconceptions?): they’re power hungry, they require special amps, they’re fragile, they’re bass anemic, they’re dangerous, they suck for movies…

MartinLogan, the brand most synonymous with hybrid electrostats, has put together a video dispelling many of the most egregious myths. And for a blatant marketing tool, it’s surprisingly good! Check it:

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