Mitsubishi Updates x38 Series To Support Full 3D Specification

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Mitsubishi announced today that lucky owners of their 738 and 838 series televisions can download a free update that will eliminate the need for external converter boxes to enjoy all forms of consumer 3D on their DLP televisions. Users who have connected their televisions to the internet will get a notice to update their firmware automatically. Non-connected TVs can be updated via a downloaded file on a USB thumb drive. Less-than-tech-savvy customers can also order a pre-loaded drive direct from Mitsubishi for a small fee.

Mitsubishi is pretty much the only manufacturer left offering rear-projection DLP televisions. It’s a shame really, because on my own Samsung 3D DLP, a close cousin of the current Mitsubishi sets, I couldn’t be happier with the 3D performance or the image quality. People who aren’t hung up on having their TV on the wall would do well not to write off RPTV just yet, as the cost per inch simply can’t be beat, and the minimal ghosting I’ve experienced definately puts these sets ahead of LCD in the 3D race to the top.

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