VUDU Streaming Comes to PlayStation 3

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VUDU on the PlayStation 3If Sony doesn’t stop adding new functionality to the PlayStation 3, the company is going to have to change the console’s slogan to “Okay, so now it only does everything.” Starting next week, November 23, to be exact, PlayStation Network users will have instant access to over 4000 streaming HD movies (some in 1080p) with 5.1 sound via VUDU. Unlike Netflix streaming, there’s no monthly charge for VUDU’s service, although with rentals ranging from $.99 to $5.99 (with a large collection of two-night rentals for two bucks) the coin can add up quickly. All the same, new VUDU customers get an instant $5.99 credit to try out the service, so if nothing else, sign up and get yourself a free HD movie rental to distract you from the fam at Thanksgiving.

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