NuVo Technologies Ships 7” In-Wall Single Point Stereo Speaker

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I’m a little bit afraid of in-wall speakers. I’m not sure why, really, but I just am. Maybe it’s because the home theater system I grew up with in the ’80s included a pair floorstanding speakers that were bigger and more hideous than a zit on the end of King Kong’s nose. Having those guys cranked up to “11” was awesome…or so I thought. Speaker technology has come a long way since the Reagan Administration, and while in some cases, bigger is still better, there are also plenty of options for great sound that don’t take up such a footprint in the house.

The new 7″ In-Wall Single Point Stereo Speaker from NuVo Technologies is a fine example. NuVo’s single speaker features two 2.5” midrange drivers, two .75” inverted-dome tweeters, and a 7” woven fiberglass woofer. NuVo has jammed plenty of power handling capability into a case that’s just 8-7/8” high by 14-1/4” wide. The unit’s acoustic sloping and computer-optimized three-way crossover will fill a room with sound even with only a single speaker. Other speakers with these specs might be an eyesore, but NuVo’s model should fit easily into a single stud bay, and the magnetic grill can be painted to match any room’s decor.

The 7″ In-Wall Single Point Stereo Speaker sells for $349.00. For more information visit NuVo Technologies or call 866.796.4904.

Nuvo NuVo Technologies Ships New 7” In-Wall Single Point Stereo Speaker

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