Wet Circuits are Water Resistant

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Wet CircuitsMonday morning. You’re up early. What time? I don’t know, but let’s call it too-dang-early. As if on autopilot, you hit the button on the coffee maker. Ahh, that’s better. The synapses are starting to fire. How about we take that cup o’ Joe over to the computer and catch up on the headlines? So far so good, eh? The cobwebs are beginning clear. You’re cruising along and starting to think that this particular Monday won’t be so bad after all. One more sip of coffee ought to do it. Then…disaster. That one last sip off coffee managed to find its way on to the power strip on your desk and single-handedly blew up your computer and darn-near burned the whole house down. Anyone who has had to brave the Monday morning blues has probably been here. Luckily Wet Circuits has developed a power strip that is water resistant and can stand up to those dreaded coffee disasters.

Wet Circuits can also stand up to the inquiring minds of Little Johnny or Little Susie. Turn your back for one second and the little ones are likely to want to stick their fingers, or anything else they might find laying around, in the outlet. Wet Circuits will only function if a plug is inserted fully into the strip. These circuits can also sense excessive heat and automatically shut off at 231 to 249 degrees Fahrenheit. Wet Circuits aren’t meant to be used underwater (so no running an extension cord through your pool), but they should provide piece of mind for parents and those of us who don’t care much for Monday mornings.

Wet Circuits retail for $70 and should last four times as long as a normal power strip. For more information (and for a cheesy, but informative, demonstration) visit Wet Circuits or call 305.576.1171.

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