Netflix Announces Streaming-Only Plan, Increases Price of Disc Rentals

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Netflix today announced their new $7.99 a month streaming-only plan, but the cost of getting discs by mail has just gone up by a buck. While the those interested in streaming only will save, the plan for 1 DVD out at a time is now $9.99; 2 discs, $14.99; and so on. You can also still get two movies a month for $5, but honestly, does anyone really do that?

[blockquote]”We are now primarily a streaming video company delivering a wide selection of TV shows and films over the Internet,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO. “Today’s action reflects the tremendous customer value we’ve injected into streaming from Netflix, our initial success with a pure streaming service in Canada for $7.99 a month and what our U.S. members tell us they want.”[/blockquote]

After a successful launch in Canada, the new year will likely see an expansion to Europe and maybe beyond. With Hulu coming up slow and steady from behind, Netflix doesn’t seem to be stopping to take a nap in the race to the top.

Source: [Netflix Blog]

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  • Michael

    Despite its talk about becoming a streaming company, the fact remains that only about 10% of the movies available through Netflix can be streamed.