Panasonic Brings Vudu To VIERACast

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When you control a third of the retail transactions in the United States, it’s pretty much inevitable you get whatever you want, and thus, Wal-Mart’s newly refreshed VUDU service is appearing on devices everywhere from PS3 to media boxes, and now Panasonic‘s family of devices. With a standard fee of $1.99 per movie torrent, new customers to the service signing up through VIERACast will recieve a $5.99 service credit to try things out, making sure that their first HD rental via the service is free.

Supported Players Include:

2010 Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Players Featuring VIERA CAST:

– DMP-BDT350 (Full HD 3D)

– DMP-BDT300 (Full HD 3D)

– DMP-BDT100 (Full HD 3D)

– DMP-BD85

– DMP-BD65

– DMP-B500 (Portable Blu-ray Disc Player)

Hopefully this means Panasonic has now standardized the VIERACast platform enough that continuing to add services will not require the purchase of a new player. There were a lot of cheesed off BD-60/80 customers last year when they found out they weren’t getting NetFlix for their machines (probably due to lack of embedded hardware Silverlight support). With so many streaming services to choose from, I’m wagering that the bidding war for prominent placement on that opening screen has now begun, and will only get hotter as more TVs and Blu-ray players enter homes this Christmas.

Source: [Panasonic]


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