Sony Google TV Prices Slashed

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After only a month on the market, Sony’s NSZ-GT1 Google TV Blu-ray Player has been slashed by $100. While this Christmas is definitely seeing a hard push on the part of the consumer electronics industry to get the average Joe to go Blu, sluggish sales and lukewarm reviews of Google TV, along with the Sony player being way more expensive than the Logitech Revue, may have something to do with it.

Most of Google’s revenue from devices like TV and Android comes not from the product itself, but the search traffic and embedded links that browsing on these devices generate, money that the early-adopter manufacturers almost certainly share in. With the same Internet media portals that Google TV is designed to tap wanting in on the deal and locking out their users, in a bad economy a lot of potential customers don’t feel that the ability to search for TV they already know how to find, or web browsing on their TV, is worth dropping three times what they would on WD Live or Apple TV to watch Netflix or Amazon VOD.

Google has a long history of letting the public beta test their projects, and it usually takes years for them to actually become useful. Many Android fans even admit that the latest version, 2.2, is the first to really shine). I have no doubts that like Android before it, a Google TV with access to all the major media portals is a year or so away, and that eventually the App base for it will justify its existence, but at this point in time, Google is still trying to find its place in the market. That quest may be a good thing for consumers, though.

Product page: [Sony NSZ-GT1]

Sony NSZ-GT1 Google TV

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  • rock123

    I recently watched an interview with Eric Schmidt and found it quite illuminating. Schmidt seemed very determined that Google was going to resolve the issues with the content providers simply by proving to them that something like GoogleTV was an inevitability, and that Google could introduce the networks to enormous new avenues for monetization.

    Now I wonder if GoogleTV will exist long enough for them to convince the content providers of its value.

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  • Jason

    Google TV is going to be the next step for viewing television. Working at DISH Network, I have gotten to spend a lot of time playing with the Google TV through our Logitech revue. The Sony side has the same interface for the Google TV side. With DISH though we can integrate our receiver with Google TV, so that when we search for content, it will also search the guide and DVR's on the receiver.