Elan g! Series Home Control System Now Shipping

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g! series products from ELANElan Home Systems announces a new IP-based series home control system that offers users total control over their entertainment. The new g! series includes the HR2 handheld remote, TS7 7″ in-wall touchscreen panel, HC12 and HC6 system controllers, TS2 touchpad controller, a VL2 tabletop kit, and Mobile iPhone apps allowing users to control the system from anywhere in the world.

Each device is unique and can help empower users with a variety of energy cost savings lifestyle through the use of ‘apps’ that are available for each subsystem, allowing owners to control not only the media, but control the security, climate, and lighting to name a few, at the touch of a finger. Let’s look at the details of the g-series home control system:

  • g!Connect — To connect with the system users should keep in mind the program requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 to operate for PC users. Those using Apple computer systems may run g!Connect inside parallels, VM fusion and etc. for it to function properly. When purchasing this system, speak to your dealer or installer for proper configuration. An optional remote access subscription will be available. It also enables users to control their system with devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Netbooks, and Tablet PCs. The program also offers personalized scheduling and manage energy consumption, and gives a detailed history of usage to help users closely manage and monitor how energy is used in their home.
  • HR2 Handheld Remote — Positioned as the g! System’s new crown jewel, the HR2 is ELAN’s first handheld remote control that offers all the function of a touchscreen device in a sleek 1-inch thick remote that offers all the speed, response and graphics of a touchscreen device, but with the ease and simplicity of a wand-style remote. The device controls all AV sources, security, lighting and climate with metadata feedback for supported devices. The controller has 46 backlit hard buttons for common functions, a 2.4-inch AMOLED display, and a noiseless accelerometer for activating LCD or backlight. The slim profile offers ease of use and comfort to users along with quick and easy programming configuration. The controller also features instant on 802.11g for communication and IR blaster for line-of-sight control. This controller is compatible with all g! system controllers and ships standard with a batter, charging case, power supply, and USB cable.
  • TS2 Film Interactive OLED Touch pad — The TS2 Film Interactive OLED Touch pad features simplistic programming touchscreen control that’s easy to use. The touch pad can control media, lighting, security, and climate at the touch of a finger. The light sensors can automatically dim or brighten a room based on user settings. The 2.0 inch, 18-bit 262k color OLED display provides multiple pages for easy source selection, DVD/DVR menu navigation, numeric keys nad more and an additional g! Now Playing feedback feature from 2-way sources. Integrated IR receiver with IR In/Out ports on the back for quick connection of external IR signals for connectivity for remote IR devices and supports one audio zone support for music sources including full navigation and 2-way feedback. The system includes a sense trigger input function for future use. The system can adjust temperature and modes of a single thermostat, arms and disarms single security partition and displays real-time weather, forecast and time of day. The touch pad fits in a standard two-gang box, includes quick and easy programming configuration software, and can be converted for table top use using a VL2 Conversion Kit. This product ships with a standard white frame, but color options are available, including almond, light almond, ivory, and black upon request.
  • TS7 7″ In-Wall Touch Screen — This in-wall touch screen panel has many pleasing functions to note. A 7-inch high resolution Active Matrix LCD display, composite video for viewing TV sources or cameras, 16:9 wide screen format, built-in speaker and microphone for messaging features, and backlit hard buttons for commonly used functions. This device also features a screen saver mode that displays user’s photos, as well as Simple IP connectivity for communication, non-volatile flash memory, quick and easy retrofit installation and programming. The device is compatible with all ELAN controllers. This device is shipped with a standard white frame, frame colors available include almond, light almond, ivory, and black. Optional backbox and preconstruction brackets are sold separately.
  • HC12 System Controller — This controller has integrated IP, serial, and infrared control to allow quick changes and up-to-date features. Easy plug and play installment that works with the TS2 Active Matrix OLED Color Touchpad. High resolution on-screen graphics support with a simple clicker or universal remote control. Built-in 250GB hard drive for storing music, photos, up to eight voicemail boxes, two extra phone lines and CCTV DVR files as well as access to a built-in two-output music server with online content. Four on-board relays proivide additional automation capabilities. On-board IR generation and decoding with six sense inputs for triggering automated events. The solid state memory for operating system storage and a fan-cooled case increases system reliability. This system comes with a high-definition on-screen display for control and feedback, a compact 1U design, rack ears included, and is available in 240VAC.
  • HC6 System Controller — The HC6 controller has integrated IP, serial, and infrared control in a one box deisng with easy plug and play TS2 touchpads. Much like the HC12 System it also comes with a 2-way IP control, allowing quick up-to-date feature rich interfaces. It can support up two phone lines and eight voicemail boxes, and has a high-res on-screen graphic support with simple clicker or universal remote control. Built in two-output music server with online content. On-board IR generation and decoding and two on-board relays to provide additional automation capabilities. Six sense inputs for triggering automated events and high definition on-screen display for control and feedback. the solid state memory for operating system storage and the fan-cooled case increases the system’s reliability. It comes with a compact 1U design, rack ears and also available in 250VAC. Please note: A Network Attached Storage drive will be required for the HC6 controller in order to use the built-in audio server capability and optional radio streaming services.

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