Kaleidescape Delivers 100 Disc Blu-ray Unit

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Hot on the heels of their new media server, Kaleidescape finally puts a Blu-ray Disc machine into their lineup. Less a server than a speed-changer, each server holds up to 100 disc images (presumably BD-25s, since the largest hard drives currently available are 2.5TB), and requires that the Blu-ray discs be present inside the machine at all times for playback to occur. According to Kaleidescape, access times are greatly improved, and the end user can jump right to the movie in seconds after the automated ripping process is completed. Requiring an M300 or 500 device in your Kaleidescape network chain to operate, the Modular Disc Vault runs an additional $1500 per unit.

It seems to me that even the big boys have gotten sick and tired of waiting for Managed Copy to materialize. Current 20th Century Fox titles have the ability to play back digital copies in the pocketBlu mobile phone app in addition to iTunes, and Apple is still digging in their heels and refusing to play nicely with the other children. If a well respected company like Kaleidescape that’s known for elegance has to resort to the kind of kludgey solution, you have to wonder how much patience is left in other consumer electronics companies who are sitting on their own devices. Without the support of Apple, which likely will never come without an anti-trust lawsuit, managed copy seems to be dead before it ever comes to fruition.

Source: [Kaleidescape]


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