Autonomic Controls Introduces Newer, Leaner MMS-2 Mirage Media Server

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When I reviewed Autonomics Controls’ MMS-5 Mirage Media Server for Residential Systems a few months back, I couldn’t help but be impressed by its flexibility, performance, and ridiculously easy setup. But at $3995… well, let’s just say the MMS-5 isn’t for everyone. Hopefully the comany’s new MMS-2 Cloud-Based Media Server will reach a wider (more budget-conscious) audience.

For $1995, the MMS-2 offers all of the same functionality as its bigger brother — support for streaming Pandora, RadioTime, Sirius XM, iTunes, Windows Media, and just about every audio format under the cloud — as well as interoperability with Macs, PCs, and network attached storage devices. What’s different (aside from the smaller, sleeker form factor) is a few fewer outputs: one 5.1 channel digital out, along with one second-zone analog audio output (compared with the four offered by the MMS-5). It still boasts all of the same custom interfaces for Crestron, AMX, URC, and other IP-based control systems, though, as well as a new iPhone/iPod Touch control app, which should hit the app store this month.

For more information, check out Autonomics Controls’ website, or call 914.598.1647.

Autonomic Controls MMS-2 Mirage Media Server

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