VIZIO Unveils 65-inch LCD TV with Passive 3D

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One of the hazards of being a CE journalist (in addition to the low pay and the fact that you occasionally have to have dinner with other CE journalists) is the incessant emails from friends and family that generally read something like this: “Should I buy this VIZIO? Oh em gee, it’s sooo cheap! Is it any good?”

I’ve spent so many years saying, “No!” I sort of missed the fact that at some point VIZIO started making good TVs. Like, really good TVs.

Add the 65” XVT3D650SV to that list of really good TVs. Not only is this puppy VIZIO’s largest HDTV ever, it also boasts passive polarized 3D glasses, which means no flicker, no batteries to charge, and a 3D experience that’s more like what you’re used to seeing at the cinema. Assuming you want to buy an extra couple of pairs of glasses to share with friends and family, polarized glasses are also a heck of a lot cheaper than their active-shutter alternatives. And you can even bring your VIZIO glasses to the movie theater with you (although I would never, ever recommend purchasing a ticket to the 2D show and sneaking into the 3D screen with your own glasses discretely hidden. Because that would be wrong. Ahem).

The set also includes VIZIO Internet Apps functionality, with access to “Amazon Video On Demand, Facebook, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, VUDU and Yahoo! TV Widgets,” as well as “Fandango, Yahoo Fantasy Football, NBA Game Time, Wiki TV, My-Cast, MediaBox, TuneIn Radio, Web Videos and iMemories.”

Look for the XVT3D650SV at Costco, Sam’s Club stores, and online for $3,499.99.

For more information, check out VIZIO’s website, or call 888.849.4623.

Vizio 65

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  • PaulGo

    I read that they technology used on this set and the corresponding set made by LG that uses this passive technology cuts the 3D resolution in half.