Runco Introduces High Efficiency WindowWall

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Video walls. I shudder at even the mere mention of those symbols of excess and poorly reproduced images. Sure they start out sounding like such an awesome idea: “My rec room is too good for just one screen, what’aya say we install six?” A year later when two of those six screens start to look all wonky, and your content is uneven, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And so it is with much trepidation (but also a little bit of hope), that I present to you Runco’s WindowWall.

Runco recognizes the problems with unevenness that have plagued video walls in the past, and has equipped its newest WindowWall models with Optical Path Alignment (OPAL) technology. OPAL will enhance black level and provide greater detail and clarity in the darkest of scenes. And by designing the WindowWall with off-board processing of power, video, and control signals, Runco has made maintenance of the WindowWall much easier than for traditional video walls.

The newest WindowWall displays are also better for the environment, as they consume less power while in operation. The displays can be installed with thinner hardware for seamless integration into any interior. One might think that the best place for a WindowWall is in the home theater, and while it could certainly serve a football fan very well on Sunday with its ability to display several games at once, Runco actually has many other uses in mind. Imagine using the WindowWall for a videoconference in an office setting, or as a rotating virtual art gallery to wow guests at your next dinner party. One look at Runco’s gallery of sample WindowWall installations should tell you that this ain’t your grandad’s video wall. Even an eternal pessimist like myself had to admit that the WindowWall is pretty darn cool (albeit a little over the top).

For more information and for customization options, visit Runco’s website or call 800.237.8626.

Runco WindowWall

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