Logitech Suspends Production on Google TV

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Along with pulling out of CES, Google’s main settop box partner Logitech has initiated a production halt on their Revue through at least the end of January. With a major software revamp supposedly on the way, Comcast breathing down Google TV’s neck with integration with their cable boxes, and general consumer indifference, Google has a long hill to climb if they want to restore partner confidence in the full monty. With no major cable company partnerships in the offering, content providers blocking them at every turn, and incredibly low consumer buzz, it’s starting to look more and more like Google TV is in trouble

While some form of Google TV is almost certain to live on as the backbone of interactive features and widgets in many televisions and Blu-ray players, the main point of Google TV, outside of generating search and viewer data for Google to sell, has constantly eluded me. Why do I need to know that i can watch TJ Hooker on any one of a dozen sites? Who wants to browse the web on a TV? And don’t those who do already have plenty of options already?

Google is hardly alone in making these mistakes: Disney is attempting to integrate social networking apps into their Blu-ray discs so the kids can tweet and watch Cinderella at the same time. All of these things have long since moved to handheld devices and laptops where they’re far better and easier to use. I barely even see the kids using their laptops at all, let alone booting the boob tube. If I were manufacturers, I’d be looking for LAN hooks on my hardware and software and not make the same mistakes that BD-Live has gone through. Beauty and the Beast is in the Blu-ray player? Great, the DisneyBlu app you run opens up a whole new section of exclusive content and games. The football game is on TV? It dumps your device into a chat room wih other fans of the team. Google needs to have their 2.0 GTV knock it out of the park, otherwise the next acronym will be DOA.

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  • Jeff Jones

    I think you've missed the point of Google TV. It's not about another box to view content with. The target that Google is aiming at with Google TV is as a complete integration device to unify all viewable content. The Logitech Review is just a stop gap device. The final outcome will be to have Google TV or software with similar features directly integrated into the TV itself so that any device connected can be indexed or controlled from the central interface. Google is the first one to try type written search as the primary feature so we'll see if it catches on.

    This seems to be similar to Google Wave a while back. The press kept reviewing it and reporting on it like it was a separate tool to designed for collaboration, when it was actually a complete email replacement technology all the way down to the server level. The ultimate vision would have been that instead of smtp/pop servers everyone (not just Google) would have wave servers. The implmentation was a little bit early I think since it requires a fast internet connection and not everyone on the planet has that type of connection. Until they figure out how to build in smtp/pop functionality directly into the wave server for backwards compatibility then the initial hump is going to be too large to get over.

  • Jarrett S

    Wow, this writer is clueless.

    Jeff Kleist, please retire.