LG Showing 3D Portable Media Player at CES?

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According to the Akihabara News Blog, LG will be pulling a 3D ringer out of its pocket in the form of a glasses-free PMP (portable media player) device. The device appears to be squarely targeted at the Asian and European markets, where high speed rail is common, as the device is rated to be able to sync to a DTV signal while traveling 200KPH. The receiver is also likely centered around cell phone multicast television more than broadcast signals. In Japan seeing someone watching TV on their phone in the train is commonplace, but despite being available for years in the United States, it’s not something that’s caught on in any significant way here. Needless to say, LG may be staring squarely at America’s minivan seat backs for all we know, so all we can do is wait to see what they pull out of their hat next week to try and steal Nintendo 3DS‘s thunder.

Via: [Akihabara Blog]


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