Logitech: Google Didn’t Tell Us to Stop Production

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In a blog entry on its website, Logitech denies that Google ordered them to stop production on the Revue Google TV box to wait for new software. They go on to explain that Google TV is Google TV and everyone who buys one, past, present and foreseeable future will enjoy the same updates and featuresets for some time to come, and go on to tease some goodies coming from CES. I don’t think anyone ever really questioned whether Google were the ones that ordered a stoppage, the question that’s being danced around is whether Logitech, Google’s principle settop box partner, asked their supplier to stop making boxes because their warehouse was full. Given the full-speed-ahead damage control on their side, I can’t help but wonder if Google’s team are burning the midnight oil to unveil GTV 2.0 at CES after all.

Source: [Logitech Blog]

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